press release

Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

Language is our passion

Learning at arenalingua means for you defining your goals, learning fast and effectively, and having a proven record of success. Our courses are tailor-made and are designed to meet your needs.

Our Philosophy

Although at arenalingua we offer proven learning concepts, we will gladly develop, together with you, an individual training program to bring you the best possible results.

With our practice-oriented language tests based on the European CEF Levels, we can ascertain the current language ability of each course participant and therefore eliminate the risk of being under or over challenged in the course.

At the beginning of our working cooperation we conduct a personal consultation and discuss the individual needs analysis.

Success monitoring
A constant review of your wishes and expectations help you to reach your language goals. If wished, the learning progress of each participant is documented and can be seen in the arenalingua course report.

First-class, trained native-speaker trainers are available and bring with them plenty of language training experience.

Mentoring Service
The arenalingua mentoring service is at your disposal for all questions related to language learning.

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