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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

Group courses

You like to learn in a group and enjoy the interactivity of speaking, the common training and the mutual motivation? Get to know our group courses.
Measure your ability with others through practicing what you’ve learnt in every-day situational role-plays, and grow with the group.

arenaDirect Virtual Class Team
Welcome to the team! Learn in a group of 2-3 participants with equivalent language skills and goals and with individual appointment times and choice of lesson content. In this private lesson situation you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice speaking – and with one another, too! These courses are also bookable as arenaChallenge.

arenaDirect Virtual Class Open
Open and honest: Here you’ll receive challenging lessons with a fixed study plan and with a small group of 4 to 6 participants with equivalent language skills. Supported through this interactive technology, you’ll be prepared for all diverse every day and business situations.

arena Challenge
A challenge for team players: Our intensive courses for quick learning success. A minimum of four lesson units per day for two participants (arenaTeam) or in a small group (arenaOpen) and for course duration of 1 – 4 weeks makes this possible.

arena Challenge plus
A lot to be done but so little time? For your key demands choose one of our compact course units. We guarantee the highest efficiency with a daily 10 lesson unit course over a period of one to four weeks: Even during the lunch-break you can converse with your trainer in the target language. Courses are bookable for two participants (arenaTeam) or in a small group (arenaOpen).

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