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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

Business courses in London

English Intensive courses in the heart of London

The language school is in the heart of the pulsating English capital and offers English training for professionals. The course participants are motivated to use and develop their English to communicate effectively. The school was founded in1973 and is proud of its reputation of high-standard courses offered in a surrounding that encourages serious learning.

The quality and experience of the teaching staff is exemplary and plays a significant role in ensuring the students’ success.

Courses and accommodation

Senior management & executives participate in personalised and professional structured courses in the heart of London. A unique choice of effective programmes, designed for diverse language goals, offer beginners to advanced students the ideal course.

The fundament of enjoying a language course and the resulting success is good and comfortable accommodation. An integral part of a language course is having your own room with a carefully chosen host family. Breakfast and evening meal times provide an excellent opportunity to practice your English. Of course if you prefer, we can provide accommodation in a hostel, an apartment or in a hotel.

Activities and Leisure programme

Apart from the effective language training, participants have the opportunity to enjoy all the modern and traditional attractions the capital has to offer. Because of the school’s central location all sightseeing attractions are within easy reach. A leisure programme accompanied by one of the school’s trainers is offered after the daily lesson, and includes some of the nicest and most exciting attractions and events. Together with your fellow students you can practice your newly learnt English outside of the classroom in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

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