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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

Language study abroad - England

“Learn in the land where English was born”: Travel with arenalingua to England and experience fascinating cities, the Roman ruins, the great medieval towns and cathedrals, the famous English gardens and parks and the breathtaking scenery. And while you’re doing all this you’ll be learning the best English in the world!

Language study abroad: Why arenalingua?

Our partner schools enjoy the same high standards and expectations of all arenalingua products:

  • Guaranteed success through native-speaker trainers
  • Motivated training for each individual level
  • Structured learning – supportive but without stress
  • Individual care in small groups or in one-to-one classes
  • Maximum flexibility and transparency: Learning that suits you

The perfect preparation for your study abroad: two complimentary arenaDirect Phone training sessions when you book an arenalingua language study abroad course.

arenalingua carries out regular customer satisfaction surveys to ensure a continual high-standard service and has served to convince both private and business customers for many years.

Interesting facts about arenalingua’s language study abroad.

To get an idea about what an arenalingua’s language study abroad looks like, you’ll find on the following pages information on the topic „Learn in the land where English was born”:

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