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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

One-to-one courses

You know what you want? Then you’ve made the right choice with arenalingua: Our credo is: Verifiable success can only be achieved through clear goals.

A further factor for success is efficiency: We’ll bring you quickly and directly to your goal. And because every customer has different goals and preferences, you can choose from our wide range of courses so that we can offer you the best learning programme.

arena Private
For flexible learners: An individual learning programme to meet your individual needs. You’ll enjoy the advantages of one-to-one training as well as being challenged and supported.

arena Challenge
Stand up to the challenge! For immediate learning results try our intensive courses. Minimum four lesson units per day in an intensive one-to-one course (arenaPrivate) with course duration of one to up to four weeks makes this possible.

arena Challenge Plus
A lot to be done but so little time? For your key demands choose one of our compact course units. We guarantee the highest efficiency with a daily 10 lesson unit course over a period of one to four weeks: Even during the lunch-break you can converse with your trainer in the target language. Courses are bookable as intensive one-to-one training (arenaPrivate).

arena Executive
Learning as if abroad, but more intensive: Minimum two weeks of one-to-one coaching with 12 lesson units daily – that is arena-Executive. Profit from the supervision and support through your own personal trainer, e.g. having lunch together or being accompanied to an exclusive evening event such as theatre, cinema or a discussion circle. That way you’ll bring your language competence to a new and higher level in just two weeks!

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