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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

Learning a language with arenalingua in Munich

Welcome to the arenalingua Center in Munich!

Grüß Gott, Welcome, Buenos Días, Nihao! Munich and „Language learning“ have a lot in common! This cosmopolitan city, situated on the river Isar, is a magnet for people from all over the world.

As an international and attractive business and leisure time location, it is a dream for both locals and „Zuagroaste“ (newcomers) alike and offers plenty of opportunities to speak a foreign language. Arenalingua is one of the most experienced providers of language training in Germany and is situated in the center of Munich. Click here for directions on how to get to us..

Currently at the arenalingua Sprachschule Munich

  • Free Workshops for HR-Specialists: Find out more!
  • arenaDirect Integrated Learning in Munich: Find out more
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Contact: arenalingua in Munich

arenalingua GmbH
Planegger Str. 9a
D- 81241 München

Tel.: 49 (089) 45 232 - 000
Fax: 49 (089) 45 232 - 009

Languages on offer:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Czech
  • and many more other languages

Learning English in Munich

  • English for beginners
  • English for intermediates
  • English for advanced
  • Weekend-Courses for all levels
  • Weekend-Courses for all levels
  • Business English – Office Communication
  • Courses for LCCI
  • Weekend English-Workshops
  • Crash-Course – Business Communication
  • English one-to-one courses
  • English group courses
  • and many other courses on offer

The above mentioned languages and courses are just a small selection of language courses that we can provide. We would be glad to discuss with you personally the complete range of languages and courses on offer. For specialised training needs we offer individual training concepts and in-house training. Interested? Contact us here!

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