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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

Learn a language - successfully and efficiently

Effortless communication; fluent and skillful conversational skills in all the important global languages; whether an intensive one-to-one course, as a team member in group courses , or with our online language training – we have the right language course for you!

We are passionate about languages!

We can offer almost any language you wish to learn. Aside from the classic language courses such as  English, French, Italian, Spanish and German , we also offer courses in: ChinesePortuguese or Russian, for example.

Being able to speak English skillfully and confidently is an essential requirement for international success. Here you’ll find the right English course geared towards improving your language knowledge – whether as a beginner or as an advanced learner. Find the right English course to suit you from our many offers.

Learn French, one of the most learnt languages in the world, in one of our French courses. French is considered the „language of love“ and belongs to one of  the most important languages in the world. Learn French – with arenalingua.

You want to learn German? We’ll help you! Whether as beginner or advanced learner, you’ll reach your desired language target with our German language course.

Italy - the sun-soaked, southern European country. Take part in our Italian course and converse with the locals during your next visit to Italy. Learn Italian –quick and efficient!

Spanish is one of the most important global languages – especially in the world of business. Learn Spanish in one our Spanish courses and become more internationally successful.

Whether telephoning in English, negotiating in French, Spanish for marketing, or just making small talk in Italian, our seminars will teach you the special language skills that you need.

Group lessons: For those who like learning in groups and enjoy team spirit, here you’ll find information on all our various group courses.

Intensive one-to-one training, tailor-made to suit your individual needs. Time flexible courses – enjoy all the advantages of one-to-one language courses.        

Online language learning – when, where, and as often as you like. Arenalingua online courses make it all possible.

Learn English in London or Oxford, French in Paris, Spanish in Barcelona or Madrid: arenalingua offers you a broad selection of study programmes geared for your language study abroad

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