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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

English for Negotiations

To be able to successfully lead negotiations with English speaking partners you don’t only need the necessary language skills. A really successful performance is when you know how to handle different cultural situations with different nationalities.

Target group / Participants:
Company personnel required to hold negotiations in English.


  • You’ll acquire the language skills needed to lead negotiations confidently and successfully with foreign partners.
  • Due to the interactive role-play and the collective feedback during the seminar, the practice of negotiating will be streamlined.
  • Useful information regarding how to handle the intercultural differences when dealing with foreign partners and how to avoid the typical misunderstandings, which may occur.
  • You’ll take back with you practical practice tips which you can use in your next negotiation.

Native-speaker arenalingua trainers.

2 seminar days
(from 08.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. incl. 45 minute lunch break each day).

By arrangement

Course location:
As in-house training in your company or in one of our seminar centres in: Eschborn, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg

Programme Overview

The Language Skills:

  • How do I open a negotiation in appropriate English?
  • How do I express doubt or react with objections?
  • How do I interrupt without seeming impolite?
  • How do I express my agreement?
  • How do I summarize shortly and clearly in English about what was agreed?
  • How do I end the negotiation?

    Intercultural differences:

    • What do I have to take into consideration when negotiating with other nationalities and cultures?
    • Which mistakes need to be avoided?


    • The language structure is practiced and consolidated in situational role-plays.
    • Analytical and constructive feedback of each sequence from “outside” helps to improve your performance.

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