press release

Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion


Spanish is spoken in many world markets, and with arenalingua, you and your marketing and sales personnel will acquire the necessary language skills needed for the world of Spanish commerce. Our native-speaker trainer will prepare you for all eventualities in the business world with specialized vocabulary and language training.
We will also gladly put together an individual programme to suit your particular needs!

Success can be planned: Choose from our wide range of one-to-one course offers for all your Spanish language requirements. 

Spanish is best learnt by speaking: Test your ability and what you’ve learnt in a virtual classroom!

Our courses are tailor–made to suit your learning needs:  Learn Spanish - online and flexible - wherever you are.

You’ll not only to be visiting Spain, but also have the opportunity of getting to know its people and culture first hand: Benefit from the many advantages of studying abroad! 

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