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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

arenaDirect Integrated Learning

Flexible and effective! The mix of face-to-face lessons and online course guarantees a diversified programme and achievement certificate.

Face-to-face and E-Learning
Integrated learning correlates ideally with the communicative face-to-face lesson and the modern and flexible e-learning. The proportion of face-to-face lessons and the independent learning phase on the computer can be varied according to your requirements.

Level based and modular
Additional to the CEF-based standard programme, we offer selected specialised modules to enable your personnel to learn specialised language both in face-to-face and online sessions. We can also integrate your own company content onto the platform if requested. A clear advantage for your company!

Adapted to meet language skills
arenaDirect Integrated Learning enables your personnel to improve their English skills with the appropriate content for beginners, intermediate or advanced levels

Independent of place and time
Participants are able to practice on the interactive online platform as often or as long as they wish and require only a computer with internet access.

Diverse and motivating
With over 3,000 activities, daily lexical and grammatical exercises as well as a weekly current newspaper article to encourage independent learning. For more diversity there are over 230 informative videos in HD and fun games quality to choose from, too.

Tutor supported learning
ADuring the independent online learning phase each participant is monitored by their trainer on a regular basis in order to assist the participant in his learning and secure a successful course completion.

Transparent learning progress
Thanks to the itemised mark book, the individual learning progress can be observed and the reports can be exported and archived.


Starting from CEF level A1

PC with internet access

3,000 activities, over 230 HD-Videos, daily lexical and grammatical exercises, weekly current newspaper articles plus games.

Preparatory exercises for the Cambridge Certificate, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, TOEIC Bridge exams

Special features:
AZAV-certified and tutor support

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