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arenaDirect Surf & Learn

Never again lost for words!
The efficient online English training allows you to determine the learning pace and content yourself.

For only 9.90 € a month you can build up your language competence with arenaDirect Surf & Learn – selecting the content that personally interests you!

Whether for school, job or travel or as the accompaniment to a course book or language course – arenaDirect Surf & Learn is the ideal learning programme for you!

Want to know more? Send us an email to: surfandlearn(at)arenalingua.de

Self-study English training

Optimal learning for self-study
Surf & Learn is the optimal online programme for all who want to decide themselves when and how often they want to learn English or deepen their knowledge.

For beginners and advanced

Whether you want to improve your language skills in general English or Business English: The platform is suitable for both beginners and advanced participants.

Individual study plan

The participant can either put together a study plan geared to individual interests or follow our recommendations. A compilation of material aimed at one or several CEF levels is possible.

Comprehensive learning platform

A score of diverse topics and activities

There are over 3,000 diverse activities available including over 230 videos and fun games. The integrated dictionary allows you to extend your vocabulary and train correct pronunciation. Special activities provided to help practice for internationally recognised language exams are also available.

Learning progress at a glance

The itemised mark book allows you to see your results and progress in all activities.

arenaDirect Surf & Learn offers you a modern and value for money opportunity to improve your language skills with cutting-edge content and interesting topics to practice as often as you want!


Starting from CEF level A1

PC with internet access

3,000 activities, over 230 HD-Videos, daily lexical and grammatical exercises, weekly current newspaper articles plus games.

Preparatory exercises for the Cambridge Certificate, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, TOEIC Bridge exams

More good reasons to decide for arenaDirect Surf & Learn

  • Free access to all 3,000 activities
  • Interactive online practice
  • Learning games
  • Integrated dictionary
  • Personal online vocabulary
  • Daily vocabulary lesson
  • Weekly newspaper article
  • Measurable learn success through certification
  • Excellent value for money

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