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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

arenaDirect Virtual Class

What is arenaDirect Virtual Class?

A language is learnt above all through speaking. Equal needs and aims with a top trainer promise motivating training – wherever and whenever. That’s arenaDirect Virtual Class!

Your Language Course via HD Video Conference

Learn together, be successful together
arenaDirect Virtual Class is the perfect solution for all who like to learn in a group but aren’t able to take part in regular face-to-face lessons.

Motivating and time-saving
Learning via HD video-conference allows you to work in small groups of up to five participants. Just log in to your computer at the regular and agreed appointment time.

Interactive und intensive
In the 60 minute live sessions you’ll work interactively on a tailor-made unit where the focus lays in improving your spoken skills and increasing your ability to speak in a foreign language.

Relevant und needs-based
The needs-based curriculum includes interesting and relevant topics and is geared towards your language level. On request, own documents and presentations can be integrated into the curriculum.

Mobile online training
You can work on the diverse pre- and post-task learning material in your own time enabling you to get the most out of the video conference. A concluding group class report after each video conference, with tips on the correct pronunciation, common mistakes and newly learnt vocabulary, helps reinforce your progress.

Basic Information for arenaDirect Virtual Class:

Available languages:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish -
further languages on request.

Starting from CEF level A2

Technical requirements:
PC, tablet or smartphone with Internet; webcam und headset

Extensive choice of short topic units

Possible on completion of an arenalingua level

Special features:
One chapter per arenaDirect Virtual Class session

Overview of your Advantages:

  • Language course via HD Video conference
  • Motivating and time-saving
  • Interactive und intensive
  • Relevant und needs-based
  • Mobile online training

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