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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion

Services – Learning languages with arenalingua



Everyone has different ways of learning and therefore we offer different learning methods to suit all types of learners: ideal didactic requirements to optimize your resources. That’s how language learning functions with arenalingua!

From language placement test, language needs analysis, to zum progress feedbacks and tests. Your needs and expectations are constantly evaluated to guarantee the best possible results.


Certificates & Tests

Show the others what you can do! We’ll prepare you for the following Certificates & tests:

  • LCCI
  • TELC
  • Cambridge Certificates
  • IHK Certificate for bi-lingual office administration


Level for level towards your goal – conceptional learning

At the start of every language course we determine what you can do now and what you want to be able to do at the end of your training. Our course and test language levels are based on the CEF (Common European Framework) which assesses your “can do” ability through the four learning skills: speaking, writing, listening comprehension and reading, therefore ensuring that your course is not only aligned with your current language ability but your language goal. A guaranteed recipe for success!

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