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Learnlight acquires german training company arenalingua, as part of its european expansion


linguacheck® efficiently identifies the current language ability, recommends the suitable starting level and by doing so creates the foundation of progressive learning.

The linguacheck placement test has been developed based on the requirements of the Common European Framework and provides a reliable assessment of the current language ability of each participant from level A1 to B2.

Varied format
There are an assortment of different practice forms in which the participant is tested on their language ability in a varied and entertaining way as well as an additional time limit per CEF which provides the necessary challenge.

Significant results
The defined threshold values deliver clear test results combined with a concrete recommendation for each participant.

Various fields of application
Use linguacheck to put together homogeneous learning groups or to evaluate progress during or at the end of a course.

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

for CEF levels A1 to B2

PC with Internet access

To arenalingua linguacheck

Comprehensive catalogue of online questions
Testing of listening and reading comprehension as well as grammar and vocabulary

Special features
HR-Tool for for internal corporate learning progress control

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